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Our motto is "take care of your horse and then immediately call the insurance company."

Claims Information

Notifying the claims office:

Equine Policies
First and foremost, make sure your horse is getting proper veterinary attention if he/she suffers an injury, illness, lameness, accident or disease. Then, it is very important that you notify the claims office immediately if your horse is being seen by a vet for other than routine maintenance care, otherwise coverage availability under your policy could be jeopardized. Claims adjusters are available 24 hours/day, seven days/week to assist you. Please also note that if you are in a position where you are considering euthanizing your horse, it is very important that you contact the insurance company prior to putting the horse down and talk to an adjuster who can advise you and yoru vet as to the policy requirements. Not contacting the company could forfeit any possible coverage under your policy. Please make sure anyone who has the care, custody and control of your horse is aware of these requirements.

In addition, if your horse dies, you must contact the insurance company immediately, and make sure not to bury or otherwise dispose of the horse, as the insurance company may require a necropsy.

Immediate notice must also be given to the company if the horse is going to undergo any sort of veterinary procedure, medical or surgical (including, but not limited to, castration). With regard to CASTRATION, EVEN IF IT IS DONE AS A ROUTINE PROCEDURE -- failure to notify the insurance company in advance of this procedure may result in the automatic denial in the event of a Mortality claim. 


If your policy is with:

The Hartford Insurance Company: call  (800) 295-1815; After Hours (800) 427-4876

XL Specialty Insurance Company: call (800) 732-6012 or or (859) 263-2061

American Reliable Insurance Company - Mortality and/or Major Medical/Surgical claims: call (800) 732-6012


Equine Policy Claims Dos and Don'ts


* Report a Loss Immediately

* Notify the company in advance if horse is going to undergo any sort of veterinary procedure, medical or surgical (including, but not limited to, castration).

* Contact your Veterinarian

* In the event of a Mortality claim, make Arrangements for an Autopsy - as one may be required by the insurance company

* Call Police in cases of theft, shootings, or vehicular involvement.


* Have the horse destroyed without the insurance company's consent

* Have the horse removed prior to having an autopsy completed

* Neglect to file a police report if one is needed.


Liability/Farm Property Policies Claims Numbers

American Bankers/American Reliable Insurance Company: call toll free (800) 245-1505

If an incident has occurred that you believe could lead to a claim with regard to your Liability and/or Care,Custody and Control policy/policies, do NOT admit fault. Make sure to take relevant photos, contact the insurance company immediately, and write down all details of the event as soon as possible.

If you have suffered property damage, make sure to take all steps necessary to immediately mitigate any additional damage to your property, take relevant photos of the damage, and as with any claim situation, make sure to contact the claims office immediately.


If you are not sure who your policy is with, please call us at (888) 687-8555.


All information on this website is for basic informational purposes only, and does not constitute advice or any guarantee of coverage from Broadstone Equine Insurance Agency. Contact our office directly at 888-687-8555 or info@BroadstoneEquine.com to speak with an agent for complete and current information regarding all coverages.