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Forms and applications for Insuring your Horse(s)

Mortality Insurance Application - The Hartford:
To be completed by the applicant: HartfordApplication.pdf

Mortality Insurance Application - XL Specialty Insurance:
To be completed by the applicant:  XL Application

Mortality Insurance Application - American Reliable Insurance Co:
To be completed by the applicant: AR Application

Mortality Insurance Application - Berkley Equine & Cattle/Star Net:
To be completed by the applicant: Berkley/StarNet Application


Justification of Value:
Required for all horses when the insured value requested for the mortality coverage is higher than the horse’s original purchase price. Also required for homebred horses. To be completed by the applicant.

Veterinary Certificate:
A veterinary certificate is required for all horses valued over $100,000 and/or horses that have been treated for a significant accident, illness or disease in the last twelve months. Also for horses under 30-days to 6 months (depending on the insurance company) and over 15 or 16 years of age (also, depending on the company). One may also be required by some companies if the insured has not owned or at least known the horse for at least 30 days. The form needs to be completed by a licensed veterinarian no more than 20 days prior to the inception of coverage.

Vet Certificate American Reliable

Vet Certificate The Hartford

Vet Certificate XL Specialty Insurance


Forms and applications for insuring your Equestrian business

Equestrian Commercial General Liability
Commercial Stableowners General Liability Application

Equestrian Care, Custody & Control Application:
CCC Application

Private Horse Owner's Liability (PHO):

Horse Show Coverage Application:
Horse Show Application

Riding Clubs and Associations Application:
Riding Clubs & Associations Application


*Note: All forms are Adobe Acrobat(pdf) files, to download a free Acrobat reader, click here