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If you would like a horse insurance quote, please contact our office at 888-687-8555, or for your convenience, fill in the following fields and we will do our best to email you the quote within 3 hours, providing the quote is received during our regular business hours.

If you are interested in liability insurance for your equestrian business, club, or association, and/or farm property coverage, please give us a call at (888) 687-8555 or email, and we'll be happy to discuss coverages and get you the appropriate forms for a quote.

For more information on horse insurance coverages as well as safety and horse health, visit our Blog.

All information on this website is for basic informational purposes only, and does not constitute advice or any guarantee of coverage from Broadstone Equine Insurance Agency, a division of Marshall & Sterling Insurance. Contact our office directly at 888-687-8555 or to speak with an agent for complete and current information regarding all coverages.

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Horse Information

Please note that the insured value you request may need to be substantiated to the underwriters by purchase price, competition record, or breeding record.

Major Medical and Surgical Coverages

With some companies, the availability of Major Medical/Surgical limits depends on the horse's insured value. We will quote you the option that best fits the limits you have requested in this quote. Call for details.

Additional Coverages

Please indicate below any health problems (injuries, accidents, illnesses, or diseases) the horse has experienced. Please include the diagnosis, when it occurred, the treatment, and how long since the horse has fully recovered. Please note: If you do eventually apply for coverage, it is possible that the underwriters will apply exclusions for any pre-existing health conditions.

Important: While we will be happy to provide you with an initial quote based on the information above, the quote is not a guarantee of coverage. Also, the quotation process is not a binder. If you would like to bind coverage on your horse, you must speak directly to an agent and provide the required documentation for review.